Friday, 12 June 2009

Reskue Tees!

So I posted a few days ago that we were gonna be getting more Reskue tees in, and its starting now - the classic Jars logo tee is back! All the Reskue tees are gonna be £14.99 or 2 for £25! (which means £12.50 each dumbass!) You can spread out the 2, so if you and a mate want one each on two different cards for example, thats fine! £12.50 is a bit of a bargain for a tee these days, so grab a homie and get some!
we also have it as a hood, its not exactly hood weather at the moment, but after a session when the mosquitos attack they are worth their weight in gold!
Take a look at the Jars tee HERE, they are pretty limited so get on it! The DMC tee is coming next and I have a few other designs on the go at the moment so we'll see which one comes out top!

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yoko said...

you shud have a reskue tshirt design contest, skater art init, bet you wud get some sick desings


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