Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hold Tight/Mallorca/K Swiss!?

Hold Tight London vid should be out soon, it'll be the first British video out in a while (apart from smaller scene vids) and its gonna be banging, here is a bit of footy from some of the HTL crew at the newish park at Mile End in the big smoke:

Also you may have heard the news Greg Lutzka is on K Swiss! Unexpected and a bit strange, people have very mixed opinions on this!
Here is a vid of Lutzka starting to design his shoe!

Also there is some footage of a whole crew of rad UK guys on a Mallorca trip a few years back, some of the footy you may recognise from Danny Bradys Lost and Found part!

I have had a few people ask about the new Blueprint stuff, unfortunately Blueprint is distributed by TKC now, which is owned by the same people as Route One, and therefore we are not going to be stocking it. Oh and we aren't getting K Swiss anytime soon either! Hope you don't lose sleep about that.

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