Sunday, 21 June 2009

Add us up! Plan B/Shake Junt/Biebel

If you are a facebooker then add Reskue as a pal, you will get even more love from Reskue and know stuff even quicker than this blog!
There is a welcome to summer clip from Plan B HERE, in Plan B news Jereme Rogers has retired! That is kinda wierd but its genuinely true, I have no idea what he is gonna do with his life, i'm guessing having "I fear no man" tattooed on your neck doesn't go down too well at interviews!
Biebel has a Battle Commander over at the Berrics and its pretty damn good!
I dunno if I said already but we have the new Powell DVD in and its really really good!
Each person has a ridiculous ender!
Also there is a Shake Junt promo up HERE, if you like faux gangsters then its pretty bangin!

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