Tuesday, 9 June 2009

You lucky, lucky people! SK8MAFIA and sponsorship.

I love it when stuff like this happens, you hear of free videos out there in webland, and you watch them and they are actually ridiculously sick!
The SK8MAFIA am video is available to watch in high quality for free, and the standard of skating is so so high! I don't wanna pick highlights cos i'll be here all day but the lipslide to switch crook crail grab is pretty bangin! I reckon you are pretty lucky getting such good vids for free!

Following from yesterday I wanted to clear up a few myths, a few kids came in yesterday and said, "We can get decks for £25 somewhere else" they weren't buying a deck, they just decided to tell me, and wondered why they should pay more for a deck so once again I feel like I should tell you: Pretty much any deck you find that is under £30 is gonna be a mass produced, Chinese made deck, they make them in huge numbers as it keeps the cost down, but they are almost always only in three sizes 7.5, 7.75 and 8" and are normally pretty crappy quality - skateboards come in so many more sizes, and if you don't ever get to try out other sizes because you only buy cheap boards you might never realise you prefer a different size.
I personally like skating 8 1/8 boards with a slightly longer wheelbase (the gap between your trucks) as it feels really solid under my feet cos i'm pretty tall, so I seem to get $lave or Real boards normally because they make this sort of size, all good companies will make a whole bunch of different sizes, and because they make fewer boards they have to be more expensive, couple this with the fact they have to pay a pro to keep skating, and pay filmers and editors to make videos, which now get given away for free! and you should be able to understand why pro boards cost more.
Without pro skateboarding there would be no videos to post up on here for free everyday, so look at your favourite pro, see if he has a shape you like and then you can directly support him by buying his board, pros normally get around $2 to $5 from the sale of each board, so I have definately bought Jon Allie and Peter Ramondetta a few beers lately!
The other thing here is in regard to being sponsored, most sponsors want to see a decent video these days, and if they can see you are riding cheap or blank boards in your sponsor me video then why would they waste time on hooking you up when you aren't trying to support pro skateboarding?
Joe Paget pretty much just skates Harmony boards these days, and when he gets round to finishing his 6:57 part and I show it to Harmony, the fact he is always riding Harmony boards in the video is only going to help his chance of getting flowed a few boards!
the same thing has happened with Reskue rider Darren Tate, he has been wearing Duffs for a while now and has now managed to get a Duffs flow, they wouldn't have sponsored him if he wore a different brand all the time!
Basically what i'm saying is, if you like someone or a certain company then show them some love and support them, and one day they might support you back!
With this in mind i'd be stoked if a kid watched the SK8MAFIA vid, looked HERE and decided he wanted a SK8MAFIA deck, and asked me to order one in for him - but we'll see!

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