Monday, 24 August 2009

Wakefield comp, J.B. ten tricks, Soton comps

Reskue squad members Marc Churchill and Greg Nowik took a trip up to the comp at Wakefield recently, if you didn't know Marc designed the park and there are some really interesting lines there!
Have a peek at this vid for some footage of the days events, as usual Marc and Greg are killing it!

More concrete-carnival Skateboarding >>

Marc and I went up to Eastleigh bowl the other day to film a Kingpin ten tricks, you'll have to wait to see that but here is a recent one of J.B. Gillet, I didn't film this one!

More jb-gillet Skateboarding >>

I also outputted the Reskue vid last night! That doesn't mean its finished, I still have to output all the extras, (there is over an hours worth) including all the best Something For The Weekend vids, all the episodes of The Adventures Of Joe Paget (There is four so far, with an exclusive one for the vid) and a couple of offcut montages. Then I have to finish the menu and get it made. I'm aware I have said this before, but people kept doing last minute tricks, in fact we have tried to get an ender ender of Paget, with Ranny shooting a possible First Light for Sidewalk, for the last three weeks but just keep getting kicked out!
Paggers is just gonna have to keep the bangers for 6:57, which Crawf was nice enough to give me a preview of the other day, and it is looking ridiculous, the skating is rad and all the filming and editing is as good as you'd expect from the Crawf!

I have heard from a few people that there was some questionable judging at the Shirley comp, unfortunately as I have to be in the shop I can't get out to judge, and its only cos Matt is a nice guy that he has done the commentary and judging for the Merryoak ones, congratulations to the guys that did win some stuff, hope you are rocking the Reskue tee with pride!

Don't forget that is the third comp this summer we have supported, combining this with the SFTW comp around Easter and the Winch comp and that is a lot of stuff I have given away for you guys, so don't be too annoyed if you don't win something every time! There are still plans to do a guerilla comp down at Mayflower with a bit of help from the Rubicon boys and that will be focussed on fun rather than set times and stuff, and there is talk of a comp down at Eastliegh bowl too, anyone would think skateboarding is popular! in the mean time enjoy the sun!

We have had support for all these comps from Bones, Independent, Etnies, Vans, Duffs $lave, Zero, Mystery and Fallen, So if you want to show some support in return then hook yourself up!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Loads of stuff! Flip, Stereo, PJ, DMC Tee Competition!

Been a bit slack on the posts again, sorry! But a bunch of cool stuff has been happening, first of all the legend that is Don Brider (He prints all of our shop tees and stickers) recently got off the phone to the head honcho of Flip, who told him that the Flip vid is premiering in the U.S. on the 16th September, then in England a week later, so around the 23rd!
I go on about this video all the time, but Flip seriously have one of the best teams out there, the ability for them to pick up kids that go on to be top pros is amazing, just look at Bastiens part from 7 years ago and you'll see, flip front boards on 16 stair rails (3:36)that are unmatched today.

Luans part is gonna be ridiculous, that kid is so so good!
Combine this with the all out attack of Geoff Rowley, the straight concrete gnar of Rune Glifberg, a full part from the late Shane Cross and you must see this is gonna be one of the best videos ever!

All the music is being made by Baron, who is apparently big on the DJ scene, what I know about DJs you could write on a stamp, but there is a pretty good insight into the music over on the Flip site HERE and also some vids about it HERE

As well as all the Flip love we have reintroduced Stereo at Reskue, and just as I would have hoped sold the Benny board straight away! We still have a bunch of Stereo decks, and they are good prices too, with the logo decks being only £44.99!
Josiah Gatlyn has a welcome clip over on the Stereo Site, and its just as good as you would expect.

And this morning a Battle Commander from PJ Ladd went up! It starts out really well, but kinda standard, hardflip back tails Stevie was rockin years ago, but then it builds up into some ridiculous stuff - Nollie tre Nose Manny is sick. PJ Kills it, and as always we have some Plan B decks instore so show them some love if your feeling PJs part!

And the last thing is that we finally have the Reskue DMC tees! Available in three colours, the original black and red, a blue with orange print, and a purple with yellow print. The two coloured shirts are meant to be based on something in particular, but nobody seems to have noticed, so the first person to e-mail me where the colours are from gets a free tee! And I know who I have told so you guys can't enter! E mail - and remember your name!

Here is a pic to give you an idea of the colours:

There is meant to be a comp up at the Shirley Warren park tomorrow, but the weather is looking pretty whack at the moment, hopefully it'll be ok! We are donating prizes for the comp (I know what your thinking "Haven't they donated prizes to three comps already this summer?" yes, yes we have!) so if you are after one of the new tees and have no cash then maybe you should get down there and try and win one!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dew Tour

These big budget comps are pretty lame, but cash seems to bring out some pretty bangin moves, Decenzo kills it in this:

Friday, 14 August 2009

SLACK! Kinda!

So I have been slacking on updates again lately, but not on our Facebook, so maybe you should befriend us on there!

We have been really busy getting the new Reskue tees sorted, I Tie Dyed a whole bunch of tees last night, which now need washing and printing so should be ready mid next week, the DMC tees should be here Tuesday as well.

If you have seen the new Sidewalk you will have seen the ridiculous cover of new blood Pablo Aresu, here is a little welcome clip from the Harmony.

More pablo-aresu Skateboarding >>

Also in Sidewalk is a Jak Tonge First Light, Jak is actually sponsored by Bored in Southsea, but they are close to us so we are stoked for him, also Ranny shot the photo of his sequence which is pretty sick! We have been trying to get some photos of Paget potentially for Sidewalk but security guards don't seem as eager to help young Paggers out!

We are also now selling energy drinks for the summer, and some RCTs! Watch this vid to see what I mean:

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Merryoak Comp

Here are a few photos by Mr David Ransom of the recent comp at Merryoak.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Vox trip, Twitter

Ok Reskue has taken the plunge and we are now on Twitter, get updates from us faster by following us!
Lots of news soon!

Monday, 3 August 2009

10 tricks 2

I'm liking this little series, filmed by Hold Tight Henry and injecting a few moves every monday, its gotta be good!

JB Gillet is coming soon, that should be rad!
The new Reskue tees will be here this week, and we have just had a few copies of the Nike SB Debacle Blu Ray - The first ever full HD skate video! I'm trying to think of the best way to give these bad boys away, i'll keep you posted!
Oh and if you liked the vid of Alex Perelson winning Maloof and doing the 900 first try, then you'll be as pleased as me to know that he skates for Real! Real vid is gonna be SICK!
There is also a ten tricks from Chad Bartie over at Black Box, booming fs ollie!
There is also a new Slave trailer, thats ermmm interesting!


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