Friday, 14 August 2009

SLACK! Kinda!

So I have been slacking on updates again lately, but not on our Facebook, so maybe you should befriend us on there!

We have been really busy getting the new Reskue tees sorted, I Tie Dyed a whole bunch of tees last night, which now need washing and printing so should be ready mid next week, the DMC tees should be here Tuesday as well.

If you have seen the new Sidewalk you will have seen the ridiculous cover of new blood Pablo Aresu, here is a little welcome clip from the Harmony.

More pablo-aresu Skateboarding >>

Also in Sidewalk is a Jak Tonge First Light, Jak is actually sponsored by Bored in Southsea, but they are close to us so we are stoked for him, also Ranny shot the photo of his sequence which is pretty sick! We have been trying to get some photos of Paget potentially for Sidewalk but security guards don't seem as eager to help young Paggers out!

We are also now selling energy drinks for the summer, and some RCTs! Watch this vid to see what I mean:

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