Thursday, 26 August 2010

Skateboarding - Dylan Rieder - Youness Amrani

You may have noticed (if you follow the blog through the Reskue site) that the website has had some pretty big changes going on lately, we have streamlined the butttons to make it easier for you to find exactly what you want, but the best addition for news hungry people is the Facebook box, if you aren't already a fan on Facebook then you should add yourself, however if you aren't a Facebook member all the news and links still come up and you can see the latest from the shop on the front page of the website. Bearing this in mind the blog is now just going to be used for team stuff and skate videos and news, and as this hasn't been updated in a while there is quite a lot!

The first thing we have been doing is making some little trick tip videos, for the guys that have been skating a while tip videos seem a bit cheesy, but we all started somewhere, and anything that might help local skaters progress is a good thing!
Here are the first three:

We took a bit of a leap between ollies and kickflips, there are a bunch of tricks that are easier than kickflips but that has been the most requested trick, if there are any tricks you'd really like a tip for post it on our Facebook wall and we'll see what we can do!

Reskue pal Nick has made a little edit of Tibs from a few sessions, Tibs kills it:

MPORA Action Sports >>

You might have missed this little edit also from Nick of a bunch of Southampton skaters down at Gang Warily:

MPORA Action Sports >>

The main video we have all been loving is this part from Dylan Rieder, Dylans part in Mindfield was awesome, and to come out with a full part relatively soon after that is pretty sick, a lot of kids don't realise how long it takes to film a part, a year is a pretty short time in the world of video making!

Dylan. from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.

Click it dummy!

This video will make you realise, if you didn't already, how important style is in skateboarding, look at things like the flip out of the tailslide, which appears to pop a good 8 inches higher than the block and is caught, i'm sure lots of people can flip out of tailslides, but not many people as good as that! Pretty much every trick is an absolute banger, and even simple tricks like the wallride look sick just cos of how high he goes! Tricks longer or higher than you expect look awesome, and this part is gonna be pretty timeless, a lot kids now days seem to be trying to emulate combo tricks from pros, before they can do the two tricks seperately!

One of my favourite skate websites, Quartersnacks, made a video of some of the Nike SB team as they were shooting for P Rods new shoe release, the edit is sick, and for the people that don't know who Youness Amrani is, you need to!

Here is Youness Ten Tricks from a while ago, pretty much the best line ever!

More Skate Videos >>

And here is the final of this years Am Manny Mania, which Youness killed!

Here is a bit of extra New York for ya:

And here is Reskue pal Blake Everitt with a ten tricks filmed by Darren Tate, check out Blakes part in Wight Riot, Darrens video, Blake is the Isle Of Wights answer to Louie Barletta.

And if you were wondering how filming for the Reskue video was going, things like this definitely don't help!

We are getting there though, promise!


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