Monday, 1 June 2009

Hecka Goings On! - Wallenburg and Etnies demo.

So this weekend was pretty busy in the skateboard world! first of all the Wallenburg comp, a hell of a lot went down, a few notable people were missing but here is the Thrasher vid from the event, and the youtube version for all the Iphone geeks who can't use flash (nice aren't I)

Chris Cole back 3 was second try! but for pure smoothness Lindsey Robertsons back heel takes the cake, it looks like he is doing it off a curb its so smooth! but thats 22ft hes clearing I believe.

Opinions on Lizard King are pretty divided, I have heard people say he is "pure aids" but other people think he was pretty creative, as rad as the ollie disaster thing is, does it look good? Hmmm.
Anyway there was talk of Blueprints Neil Smith going out there for this, and it appears he had a couple of tries at a nollie heel then Jake Phelps, the editor of Thrasher, told him to sit down and stop trying, apparently there were loads of people there and if you weren't getting close you got moved off, but the story goes that Adam Dyet was just flinging sw back heels and getting nowhere near and wasn't stopped from trying, Smithy was understandably pissed off apparently, you can hear Phelps calling him out on this video about a minute in:
and that is stills at the beginning, just keep watching!
A lot of brits are saying Smithy should go do it anyway and have it as a Blueprint ad.

Anyway Sheckles wasn't there because he was at the Etnies demo at Bay 66 in London, here is some footage of that, personally I think the Davis torgerson footage is the best, that kid straight kills it, the Nollie Inward Heel is bangin!

Along with this the Berrics have had some ridiculous stuff up recently, including a Bangin from Wieger, who you may know is one of my favourite skaters so I was pretty stoked, the tailslide flip out is butters beyond belief! and then a day or two later this recruits from Ben Fisher which is also ridiculous! its going to get increasingly harder for people to do new stuff at the Berrics, but these boys seem to be coming through!

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