Friday, 29 May 2009

Goings On!

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while, I have been pretty busy here at Reskue!
First off the comp at Merryoak is on right now, there should be a demo as well with Reskue riders Greg Nowik, Jed Cullen, Mark Tidbury, Darren Tate and ladies man Joe Paget, all the ingredients are there to make the day pretty sick so hopefully I should have an edit up of the day soon.

There have been a few rumours floating around about a Tattoo studio above Reskue, and these rumours are actually true! Ricky Winchcombe formally of Millenium has started his own shop in the floor above Reskue, so if you are thinking of getting a tattoo then you knew where to come! there is a viewing this saturday (tomorrow) from 4 till 8 so if you want to see what he has done with the place get down here! Alfa from the monorex crew has painted some sick work on the walls, so its worth coming down just to see that!

Along with this, to welcome the summer in we are having a MASSIVE sale! ALL CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR IS HALF PRICE, THIS WEEKEND ONLY! You read that right, ALL half price! So come get involved! I am having a sale on some of the hardware too, with a tenner off the rrp on selected decks and 25% off Bullet wheels! this is all instore only i'm afraid, so get down to Reskue this weekend!

There is the etnies tour at Bay66 tomorrow which I know a lot of people are excited about, here is a bit of footage of the Works demo, Sheckles may be a douche but he kills it on a skateboard!

More Skateboarding >>

Here is some footage of the Malaga stop of the tour, including Sheckles throwing himself of an 8 ft roof!

More Skateboarding >>

Another thing which I should have posted about by now is HTL - Hold Tight London
Bascially they made rad little edits of the London scene every month, using new music from the London music scene, now for their twelth edit they have decided to make a full length DVD concentrating on North vs South, full part from John Tanner is enough to get me stoked, that kids style is buttery!
Here is the trailer, it should only be a fiver and we'll have it soon hopefully!

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And here is Tanner doing some training:

More Skateboarding >>

If you haven't picked up a copy of Kingpin yet you definately should, the Adidas europe dvd comes with it, and it is really really good, chewy and Lem Villemin kill it, Busenitz is Busenitz and the Gonz is the Gonz!
Its only 3.50 in WHSmiths.

Thats it for now kids, remember history is going to be made tomorrow at the Wallenburg comp! Ironically Sheckles can't be there cos of the etnies demos!
I reckon Billy Marks double flip, Cole heel shuv, Sierra Fellers switch heel, and Smithy will be trying a nollie heel, seems ridiculous but if he does it then every british skater should be stoked he is representing our fair isle! T Puds reckons he is trying a nollie flip, but we'll see! I am genuinely really excited about it!
Here is some footy of Eduardo Craig testing out the ramp they have built for the run up, speed doesn't seem to be a problem so hopefully some ridiculous stuff will happen, apparently its 22 ft long, thats massive!

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