Sunday, 10 May 2009


Hope you have all been enjoying the weather! I have and thats why there hasn't been any posts in a few days, as soon as the shops closed i've been out skating, trying to get the last few bits for the Reskue Remix, I said that this weekend was the deadline otherwise its just gonna keep getting pushed back, but people just keep doing new stuff! I have just watched the whole thing and I have got to say I'm pretty pleased, a bunch of different styles of skateboarding, and I think it represents our scene pretty well, now I just have to get the copies made then it'll be for sale, it takes about 7 days so the beginning of next week should be good!
I really hope people are gonna get copies, I think just being from Southampton means you should! it directly helps the shop, there are no companies in between, its just us, so i hope all my friends get a copy, and I hope you and all your friends get a copy too!
Too highlight the slowing of sales in DVD's i'll tell you that Not The New Hythe Scene video, a scene video I made a few years ago, I sold almost 300 copies of, and it wasn't even very good, but there were less than 300 copies of the new Alien Workshop video in the country on its release! They have sold a lot more than that now, but it just shows people don't really buy skate dvd's anymore, which i think is really sad, we all know you can watch stuff online but actually buying a skate DVD means you are helping the company, its not cheap flying pros around everywhere! Anyway rant over, here is a little vid of Jamal Smith enjoying the summer, you should too!

Also there is a rad little interview with Ben Raybourn over on the Thrasher site, padless 540 nosegrabs anyone? Ridic you larse!

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