Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bored Riders

Posting about Route One yesterday and Bored today! Whats going on! well Bored, like Reskue, sponsor a couple of rad local guys and two of them are gonna have sections in the 6:57 video along with Reskue riders Joe Paget and Curtis Jarman, there is a bit of friendly rivalry between them, and I consistently bully Paget that he needs to get some bangers, so maybe this footy of the Bored guys will inspire!

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I have faith in you Paggers!
If you have seen the new Sidewalk you will have seen Snapshots with Marc, a sick sequence of Greg, and a big up of the reskue vid in the news pages. Hopefully Southampton will get a bit more coverage from now on, they definately know about some of the guys from down here, so we'll see if we can get something done!

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