Saturday, 16 May 2009

Steve Rodriguez...

...Must be one of the hardest working men in skateboarding, I have probably written "I like 5Boro" more times than i'd care to remember on this blog, but if you still don't understand why then read this article from Time Out NY.
I'll post this again just in case you haven't seen it:

5Boro might not be the biggest company in skateboarding, but everyone knows what the Brooklyn Banks is, and the back to the banks and Red Bull manny mania contests would have nowhere to be if it wasn't for Steve and 5Boro, so show some support fot the true NY underground!
The end is just the guys homies at a park, but you get the picture.

Also I think I posted about putting your entries in for the wild card entry to this years Maloof money cup, well they have been announced HERE, I'm so glad "Nilly" Marks is in there and Mike Vallely is both a winner and an alternate, very professional! this is what happens when things aren't run by skaters, Nilly frickin Marks!
Thats almost as bad as spelling "Photography" wrong on your own business cards!

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