Thursday, 16 April 2009

Barnstaple and Chris Cole...

...have nothing to do with each other, apart from they are both rad.
Marc Churchill just sent over some pictures of the new park at Barnstaple which is a good mix of tranny and plaza style stuff, its pretty far away (3 hrsish) but the Vans team are opening the park on Sun 26th April so is maybe worth a visit, i'll definately be trying to get there at some point for a good screechy tailslide on the bricks!

Now on to the Chris Cole part, HERE is some footage of him ripping the Black Box park on a mini board, doing tricks that would be good on a normal board.

SFTW has had an awesome response, all the videos have between 900-1200 views! A lot of people have voted but nowhere near as many as have viewed the videos, so get people to vote! If you have entered a video then you need to pimp it on your Facebook, Myspace etc.

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