Saturday, 25 April 2009


Over on the Berrics you can now pick the people you would like to see in the new Battle at the Berrics, the people with the most votes will enter.

There are a few strange selections in there, Mike V must have never heard the "no feet on the ground, no bonelesses" rule.

There are also a lot of people that aren't selectable that were in the first one, no Mike Mo or Benny! But there is Chris Cole, Daewon and P Rod, if you fancy doing a screen grab of your selection then maybe we'll post some up here, when I was selecting people were saying about who is likely to win, whereas I was just selecting people who I wanted to see do tricks, so the people with the best style, I know realistically Ray Barbee isn't gonna win but I just wanna see some moves! AVE would be sick to watch too, and Justin Brock, and Guy Mariano, in fact I could give you a run down of every skater but get over there and make your own mind up.

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