Friday, 9 January 2009


We have got the latest Plan B decks which come with a free Superfuture DVD promo, and its really good! Also you may notice at other shops that prices of decks are going up from £50 to £55, Reskue is freezing its prices and keeping US decks at £50 for as long as we can.

We also have new decks from The Harmony and restock of Karma, including the tube light decks which are one of our best selling boards!

The Reskue DVD is very close to being done, it looks like the main feature is around 25 minutes and the extras clock in around 45 mins! A lot of people are asking when they can get it, it should be in around a week but i'm going to put it up on the site to preorder, then the day it comes in all the copies will be sent straight out.

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