Monday, 19 January 2009

Jose Rojo

To be honest I was never the biggest fan of his skating, compared to the rest of the Enjoi team he just didn't seem to have as much talent, and could be the reason behind him being an am for years, but that is not to say he hasn't got a good style, and he seems cool from his interview. so HERE is a vid from Etnies of Jose styling out some moves.

On a related note a new Tiltmode video should be out soon, if you don't know what Tiltmode is it is basically a crew of friends from the San Jose area which has Jose, Jerry Hsu, Marc Johnson, Jason Adams, Steve Cab, Colt Cannon, Louie Barletta etc and they have made two videos before, they are both rad and definately high on the feelgood factor and broing down and so i'm looking forward to seeing the new one.
to be honest i'm only telling you now so that when it comes out and its rad i can say that I bigged it up ages ago, which makes me super cool, or something.

Here is Jerrys part from the last one.

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