Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hold Tight!

The Hold Tight London DVD arrived yesterday and has already been going pretty well, if you have a fiver kicking about I suggest you come in and get one!
All the filming is bangin, and it is when you have independent releases like this that are filmed and edited really well, that things like the Blind video can be a bit underwhelming. Hold Tight Henry definately deserves to be a full time skate filmer/editor, here is a bit more of his work from the recent King Of Wood Comp, Adrien Bulard (The curly haired dude who does the ridiculous 360 shuv) is clearly amazing.

In shop news I have moved a bunch of stuff around and the shop is looking bangin, we are gonna be getting a bunch of new stuff soon, I know I keep saying that but its true!

We should have the Berrics tees in the next day or two along with a whole bunch of Deathwish boards (4 Antwuan decks!) SB's in a few weeks, Famous and Wild Ones clothing, new IPath shoes, which are looking rad and finally the Fallen footwear!

Things are looking pretty sweet for Reskue at the moment, the Tattoo Studio upstairs is going well, the 6:57 vid is gonna show just how sick some of Southamptons skaters are, and we have a whole bunch of comps and jams coming up too! I'll announce all of that tomorrow though because I know skaters have short attentions spa

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