Monday, 6 July 2009

Slacking again!

Sorry kids I have been a bit slack on the updates again! but like I keep saying that only happens when I have been busy! We nearly got a banging photo and ender ender of Joe Paget the other night, and I have been working on actually finishing the DVD, just a couple of weeks now and it will actually be here!
As well as this we have one of my friends bands, Sonic Boom Six, playing an exclusive instore acoustic performance this wednesday at 5.00pm
Then it is the Black Label premier on Friday night, details below.

For a sneak preview of the opening montage of the video click HERE!
I reckon its gonna be bangin! lots of you guys i know are big fans of Shuriken, and this is his first ever board sponsor section!
The Berrics has been really good lately the Volcom United Nations was sick.
As were both of this weekends BATB games! 1 and 2

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