Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hold Tight London

The HTL DVD is coming in on Tuesday!
Independent skate videos are few and far between these days as you basically make no money at all from them, so its cool that the HTL crew have put out a DVD thats only a fiver, and was made simply for the love of skateboarding.
I have already seen the DVD as Paget and Crawford went to the premier and got a copy, and it definately lives up to the hype, Tanner and Witherup definately skate on a pro level, and do some seriously bangin tricks with steez.
The vid is available to pre order from the Reskue site now and we'll send it out as soon as we get it, so show some support! Also after you have watched the DVD have a look over at the HTL site, and vote on who should win North or South!
Karim is repping South, but Joe Paget ate his Sugar Puffs last time he was in the big smoke so Karim couldn't muster the energy to front shuv up the South Bank 7, otherwise they would definately have taken it! Nice one Paggers!
Talking of bangin tricks with steez we had a sesh over at the NCP last night and Curtis got a few moves.
His part in the 6:57 vid is shaping up to be ridiculously sick.
Paget was too busy going to the cinema to get any bangers, probably stuffing his face with Karims Sugar Puffs all the while.

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