Tuesday, 28 July 2009

"I didn't know anything about it!"

Is a sentance I have been hearing a lot recently! I try and let everyone know about stuff, I tell all the skaters that come in store, post stuff on here, and on Facebook, and on Myspace, but I guess I need some help in letting people know about stuff! So tell as many people as you can about all these events! Put it on your facebook status, your Twitter, Your Myspace! Or use that whole in your face to produce sound and tell other people!:


I was wondering why they had actually painted the park for once! There are two categories, under and over 16's I believe. We are hooking them up with prizes and have people judging so it should be OK.


After the last comp, which was pretty much run by the Reskue Squad and Matt Reynolds (Thanks Matt) there is gonna be another one, instead of trying to fit in BMX and Inline too it is just a skate comp so it should be pretty rad.

Both these comps aren't put on by Reskue, we are just hooking up prizes and providing Judges.
Some people might say that these aren't true skate comps as they aren't fully run by skaters, but if we didn't help out they would go ahead anyway, with judges that don't skate and whack prizes!
Also these are the events that show the council and general public how popular skating is, if hundreds of kids turn up then it will only help the idea of having a new skate park that is actually good, so show some support!

I appreciate that some people might not want to enter this kind of thing, and that comps should be based on fun rather than set runs and who is "Better" etc.

That is why even before these comps were announced I was chatting to Chris Pulman, who is the rep for Fallen, about putting on a junk jam down in Mayflower.
We have a pretty sick block and will make a little kicker and some other junk to skate, take that down there with a PA and have a fun day with some Fallen prizes, maybe a game of skate, bring a BBQ along, best trick on the block kinda deal, just a lot more loosely organised and less serious, expect a lot more abuse, drinking, songs with naughty words, Bullying, and damn good skateboarding! Most of the Reskue Squad should be there too, so you can see Curtis annihilate the block for real! This isn't an official comp, so don't expect to bring your family down for a day out, its just a bunch of skaters getting together to have some fun! (Remember that stuff)

Dates for this haven't been decided yet but it'll be mid/late August!

Stay Safe kids!

Also we got a bunch of Science decks in today, they are really nice shapes and graphics and Science are definately legit, so maybe have a look next time your in.

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