Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Eco Warriors! Crawf on the come up!

Some pretty rad stuff has been happening lately, firstly we got some THTC clothing in today, THTC clothing is all made from Hemp, Organic cotton, or Bamboo, all the labels are printed on recycled paper and they use water based inks for the designs, so for those of you that are both style and eco conscious THTC is pretty sick!
They also hook up a whole bunch of good recording artists like: Rodney P, Phi Life Cypher, Foriegn Beggars, Jehst and Beardyman to name a few, basically most of the good UK Hip Hop and DnB artists are down for them so we thought we'd bring some to Southampton!

Then 6:57 maestro Rob Crawford, who has been cheekily taking some raw footage from DVDs and re-editing it into new sections, got noticed by the chaps over at Transworld and one of his vids got posted HERE, pretty bangin! Congratulations Rob! A few of you have been asking when the 6:57 vid is gonna be done, when I can't tell you! Its up to the Crawf! However I believe it is aiming for a December release.

Then thanks to Joe Paget we caught a glimpse of Cory Kennedys new Girl ad, this is pretty ridiculous!:

We had a little discussion about how long its gonna be until people start doing flip in to a grind/slide, flip mid trick back to grind/slide, then flip out, its coming! Tony Hawks combo style tricks in the flesh! I reckon Cory Kennedy could cause a few upsets in the Berrics game of skate!

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