Saturday, 31 October 2009

You have Beastie Boys on player, they are phat!

Again the idea of daily updates seems to have gone bi weekly, but again its only because we are busy! This time with our Zoo York clothing, we haven't done Zoo before but have introduced it for winter with some sick tees, hoods, sweats, shirts and jackets, after the State Of Mind video showed us Zoo are still pretty on it we are stoked to have Zoo in Reskue, check them out from the front page of the site.

We have also been getting the tickets up and running, we have tickets for a whole bunch of shows but the fastest selling are tickets for Jehst on the 12th November @ Soul Cellar, so if you think you are gonna be coming down i'd get on it and get yourself a ticket!

The world of skateboarding is still pretty much blown away by the Flip video, there are pretty mixed reactions to a lot of it as more and more people are getting the vid but one thing that everyone agrees on is that the skating is AMAZING! Get informed over HERE

Another thing that people have been talking about is this padless drop in:

Alex Perelson at the Berrics, it is really hard to explain to people that don't skate or you guys that haven't been skating that long how gnarly this is "its only a drop in" a few kids have said, basically the commitment needed is like de-weighting yourself down a sheer vertical face, where if you messed it up you would basically pile into the floor, it is really hard to stay on your board because you are basically falling down the face of the ramp, that is why a lot of peoples feet fall off on vert drop ins, so if the idea of potentially throwing yourself onto the floor from the height of a bungalow is something you think is "easy" then I guess there is no helping you! If you are an avid Berrics fan then you will have seen on a recent text yoself that someone requested a drop in on the vert wall, and they said "no one is ever gonna do that!" the size of the transition is the hardest part its only a small tight ramp, that and the ten ft of vert!
Alex Perelson is stupidly good, anyone who does a 900 first ever try is sick in my book! But not only that, he isn't into the jock side of vert skating where you get sponsored by soup companies and whack stuff like that, he is a skaters skater and it shows because he is sponsored by real, probably the most legit skate company out there!
Here is some footage, his 540s are the floatiest things ever, apologies for the song, it is possibly the worst thing I have ever heard, i'm sure his Real part will have a slightly better tune!

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