Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things you watch with your eyes...

So the Reskue Remix video has sort of become a bit of folklore now, basically it was meant to come out about, hmmm, a year ago! It was only meant to be a bunch of old footage of all the Reskue team remixed together (hence the title!) so you would know who all the guys are, but a lot of people weren't too happy with their parts "i'm way better now" etc, but the idea wasn't to make a whole new video, just to show you what the guys have been up to, Anyway Marc and Gregs parts are bangin, Curtis part is too but he wouldn't ever believe that, Paggers has progressed a hell of a lot since he filmed his part but its still sick so we are still gonna put out the vid, there are a hell of a lot of extras too, all the best vids from the Something For The Weekend comps and a few other bits meant I actually had to start taking stuff out cos it filled a DVD! Anyway i'm aiming to have this out as a stocking filler, fingers crossed!

After trying to film some bits of Paggers last night we kept getting interrupted by rain so went on a YouTube attack instead and found these bad boys:

This guy used to be on Hawk Clothing and had a bit of whack kiddy steez going on, but he is all grown up now and is actually dope, hustle flips and all!

This guy is ridiculously sick too, the control on the switch tre nose manny is stupid:

This guy is slightly more G, the backlip to fakie manny is pretty tight.

This is from the same vid as Ricardo, and its pretty sick, the song is cool too, I actually bought that record before all the record shops in town closed down and we were left with only HMV to go to, its almost like if people don't support independent shops they close down, hmmm.

That should give you something to do while its raining! We have started to get a bunch of clothing in for the colder weather, hoods, jackets, beanies etc and should have some new Reskue hoods soon, Vans should be here this week too along with tees and hoods from Flip, Spitfire, Independent and Creature! If you haven't looked at all the Zoo York clothing maybe take a peek at that too.

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