Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hythe part three!

Here is the third part of the Hythe video, the friends section, there is some pretty good skating on here including a bunch of footage from Reskue rider Greg Nowik with a double flip indy to fakie, I think he was possibly the first person to do that on a mini, and it was during a Vans demo with John Cardiel, Geoff Rowley, Jim Greco and a few others but more people seemed to be watching Greg than the street course, which says something about how impressive Gregs skating is! there is also some footage of Harmony rider Danny Jack who lived in Southampton for a while, but there wasn't a skate shop in town and I guess the scene didn't seem too strong and he moved to Bristol after his first year, Phil Parker also has some footage and he is still skating hard and should be having a part in the 6:57 video. Astro who had some cool stuff too is now strangely enough a professional circus performer, and was recently yo-yoing in a phones for you advert! It also has the legendary Don Brider in doing a noseslide to k grind! Don is now 40+ and still skates regularly as well as printing all the Reskue tees and stickers, basically he is a bit of a legend!

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