Friday, 27 November 2009

New Stuff and a bunch of DVD news.

There hasn't been any updates in a while again, but I would hope I wouldn't need to post up about the final of Battle At The Berrics, six million other people managed to find it! But in case you live under a rock click HERE.

We have had a whole bunch of stuff from Famous and Innes, both rad brands with solid skate teams so check that out in the clothing section.

Biggest news in the skate world is the release of the Zero vid, due in next week its snuck up a bit since the release of the Flip video but is bound to be ridiculous, and if the Chris Cole section is half as good as all the other footage he has put out its gonna make him a big contender for Skater Of The Year! Best news is that the Zero vid is only gonna be a tenner too! The $lave vid is also due at the same time, and is gonna show people what I have been saying for ages now, that $lave is sick! Frecks part is gonna surprise a lot of people and Jon Allie is definitely on my favourites list. The $lave vid is only a tenner too, so maybe pick up both!

We'll have a whole bunch of Zero, $lave and Mystery decks in just as the video drops too, as well as some completes for christmas for only £79.99, pretty bangin for a Zero board!

The Creature vid also premiered last night at Goblets and its pretty sick, a lot more focus on the ams with full parts of street skating which was cool, we'll have both versions of the vid in the next week or two.

ANOTHER DVD due is also Beauty and the Beast 2, the Girl and Anti Hero tour, the last one surprised a lot of people with how good it was, but if you take one of the cleanest tech companies and the most raw hesh company and put them on a tour together you can only get good results, that is also due in the next few weeks so there is plenty of rad stuff out in the run up for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas we now have gift vouchers for Reskue, so if you can't rely on your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog to get you the right stuff then you can always ask for Reskue vouchers!

In Southampton news the ledges at Hoglands are now finished and open to be skated, but if the weather is anything to go by you won't actually get to use them til maybe March! Hopefully we'll have an edit of them soon, if we get to skate them!

Here are a few skate vids to keep you inspired:

Here is what a scene video looks like if you all dress in tight stupid clothes and wear leather jackets:

Here is something pretty ridiculous, Alex Perelson doing some grabs, but without grabbing:

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