Friday, 6 November 2009


Not The New Hythe Scene Video was a video I made in 2005 way before Reskue was opened, I thought I would rip the DVD and post up a part from it each day for the next week or so as it has full parts from Tibs and Marc and a whole bunch of other stuff, so to start things off here is the oldest footage from 2001 which was one of the extras on the DVD - The Dead Babies Promo. This was the first thing I ever filmed and edited, obviously its pretty dated now, but Tibs had only been skating a couple of years at this point which is pretty rad to see, you'll also see Ranny, the unofficial Reskue photographer, taking A LOT of slams! The backflip to head bounce off the rail required a hospital trip, nowadays he is all about cardigans and slash grinds.

Here is the first part from the actual video, the intro and opening montage, i'll post up the first main part tomorrow, Ranny!

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