Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hythe part 6 - Some Chump

So part six from the Hythe video was mine, I really wanted to have all street skating but unfortunately the guys I skated with at the time were more into transitions so I ended up skating parks a lot, not that it made a difference I pretty much just do wallies and wallrides anyway! I seemed to have more footage then Ranny and Tibs but that was because they both basically have no lines, whereas thats all I ever wanted to do, but after an hour of filming someone futily trying a four trick line I never used to come away with much apart from angry mates.
I kinda wish we had someone like Rob Crawford around at the time, who was eager to film an all street video and make it legit, we went back to one spot to get a trick of Pagets six times over five weeks! The 6:57 video is gonna be so good! But the Hythe video was just a bit of fun and hopefully that shows, more tomorrow!

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