Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hythe Part 5 - Yankee Doodle

The fifth part on the Hythe video was from a trip to America I went on. We started out the trip going to DLX in SF, the home of Real, Krooked, Anti Hero, Thunder and Spitfire, basically the most legit brands in skateboarding, they were really friendly and drove us out to a skatepark and sold us a whole bunch of Spitfires for cheap which was rad!

We headed down the coast and went to the Vans park where we saw Christian Hosoi, if you don't know who he is Hosoi was probably the biggest vert pro of the eighties, he was getting millions of dollars at one point, but when the focus turned to street Christian quickly found himself yesterdays news and he got into drugs. He ended up being arrested for smuggling, and when we saw him at the Vans park he had only been out of a four year jail sentence for a few weeks, he still had his trademark style though which you'll see coming out in his layback grind!
You normally have to wear full pads at the Vans park and you are not allowed to film, but as they thought we were there with Hosoi they just let us be! Jeff Grosso was there too and you can spot him in the footage but he didn't skate which was a shame. I had a load of Geek Mafia stickers, which one of Hosois friends seemed pretty interested in, we traded a bunch of stickers and it wasn't til we left the park that I realised where I knew the guy from, it was Brian Brannon, the lead singer from legendary skate punk band JFA, we left pretty pleased with ourselves, seeing a bunch of legendary skaters first hand was pretty sick!

We then went down to the YMCA park in Encinitas where PLG and Buster Halterman happened to be, again they were really friendly and I filmed a bunch with them too, the consistency of Vert is ridiculous, that ramp was 15 ft with a ft of vert, and is stlll the biggest ramp I have dropped in on, doing switch 360 heelflip grabs on it is stupid!
Check it out below:

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