Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hythe part deux

So here is the next section from the Hythe video, and the first full part, Ranny. He is now the unofficial Reskue photographer, at the time we filmed the video he hadn't been skating too long, when the Dead Babies promo was made he had only been skating about a year and was doing pretty gnarly stuff for the time, but was taking the slams that went with it! I guess he had been skating 3 or 4 years when the Hythe vid was made, he was the youngest guy we skated with so I perhaps bullied him slightly more than I should have, and that shows in the video! But he does some pretty good stuff and a lot of people liked his part:

Here is also the Hoglands montage from the video, Hoglands was a bit of a let down, we all said exactly what we wanted then the designers changed it all, it was meant to all flow so you could do decent lines but they put a bunch of barriers up which broke up the flow, then they put in a pretty crappy little block which you'll see in the montage, then took it out and there was just a driveway, then finally put in the rail that is there now, which no one seems to really skate!

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