Saturday, 3 October 2009


I keep getting lazy and just posting stuff on the Reskue Facebook page instead of the blog, so here is a recap again!

Here is a rad little vid of Dan Plunkett skating a tiny mini, the triple blunt thing is rad! We were talking about how rad he was and it turns out he has just got on Skate Mental!
It was this Atlanta video that prompted the Dan Plunkett searching:

The scene there looks pretty sick!
Then I posted THIS video of Justin Brock, he is one of my favourite skaters at the moment and has just turned pro! We'll have his board very soon!
I have also been working on a few new reskue tee designs, the DMC tees have proved to be our most popular tees yet, and while they were gonna be limited to one run so many of you are still asking for them we are going to get another batch.

This tee was inspired by Suicidal Tendencies, the most popular of the eighties hardcore skatepunk bands, Suicidal songs have been used on a bunch of skate vids, most recently Emmanuel Guzmans part in the transworld vid. They had a style all of there own and its a presence that is still felt today, Vans recently did a collab with them. Maybe instead of listening to the crappy Electro bands that are popular now you should check these guys out and get some roots!

Here is a vid of Gilbert Crockett too, who has just found himself on Alien Workshop:

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