Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stuff and stuff

We have had some new stuff in, the Deathwish DVD! Its fifteen bucks so kinda pricy but you know Baker/Deathwish DVD's are instant classics, it is only available for a limited time too so pick one up! (or watch it on you tube in crappy quality not knowing what half the tricks are)
We also have the Landscape Joleon Pressey aka Joey Crack wheels in, and if I haven't said it enough already he was originally from New Milton along with Benny Fairfax, so represent the New Forest and pick em up!
Also the X Games was on the other night and you could watch it live on the web, after Jake Browns little mishap last year all eyes were on the mega ramp, and it was Danny Way that nearly killed himself this year, oof!

If you are feeling more raw street than extreme then you should check out the new TRAFFIC PROMO, I personally really like Traffic as a company, all the riders are sick and all the footage makes you want to go skating straight away. So click the link, scroll down two inches, press play and get inspired!
Hopefully we might see some Traffic boards on these shores again soon!

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