Friday, 5 February 2010

Simpel Sessions day one!

We left for Tallin on Wednesday at 10pm, meaning we had to hang around in the airport for ages waiting for our flight which left at 7.45am, we arrived in Tallin at 12.30 local time and with no skating on the thursday and having all been awake for 24 hrs+ we were pretty tired, seeing Tom Penny picking up his luggage is pretty surreal! We tried to go swimming but weren't allowed with shorts, we had to have speedos! So we went bowling, seeing Joe Paget bowl is pretty much the best thing ever!
With the time difference we got up pretty early today for the first practice day, when we arrived they were still sweeping all the wood dust off the course, as the ramps had only been finished hours earlier! This meant the whole course was really really slidy! You can't even get a solid push without slipping and everyone was really struggling, not to land things but to rise away! The whole course is pretty huge, way bigger than it looks! Adam Keys who was in the second practise session had to watch us skate until his sesion and mentioned it looked pretty small, but after he skated it he agreed it was all huge! So bear this in mind when you are watching the comp! Jart pro Eero Antila was in our practise and was killing it, kickflipping the double flight with ease (which is huge!) Johnny Layton did the best frontside bluntslide I have ever seen clearing about six foot on the pop out, some euro on Adidas was ridiculous, nollie nosesliding the waist high ledge and back smithing it every go, Darren managed to learn backside 360 flips turning with it over the hip and me and Paget were just roling about finding our feet with our tramline tricks, heel shoves and k grinds then Paget tried a Frontside Bluntslide on the ledge, he fell off backwards which on a regular block would have meant him falling on his ass, but its almost waist high so he fell back on his head, I think this freaked him out a bit but we are going to go for another practise session in a minute and hopefully he'll be back on it, he still did a lazer flip over the hip and smithed the rail. When we finished our practise we watched Adam cruise for a bit doing tre flip talgrabs over the driveway and hardflip reverts up the euro gap which he would land every go if it wasn't so damn slippy!

The draw for our skating was up and there are 27 groups of 3, and only one person from the three qualifies, Joe is in the first group which is gonna be pretty nerve wracking but we didn't recognise any of the other people in his group so he could do ok, i'm in the forth group, and with Hugo Liard, who is pro on Antiz so qualifying is pretty unlikely! Darren is in a group with some unknowns and Adam Keys is in a group with Famous pro Kurtis Colomonico, you can watch it all live in the morning, I have a whole bunch of photos and Ranny is with us getting photos for Sidewalk so you'll see a load when we get back, we are going for a practise session with the Vans europe team now, Wainwright, Chris Pfanner, Kris Vile and Flo Marfaing who didn't make it in time for the morning practise, hopefully we'll get some rad photos and i'm excited just to see some of my favourite skaters shredding up close, the handrail is pretty much a full size handrail so anything down it is good, not many people really skated it today and it does show that it is more of a BMX course but hopefully we'll get some stuff!

Thats it for now!

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