Thursday, 21 January 2010

Inspiration time!

January sucks, we can't even pretend its cool, no one has any money because they all spent it on Christmas, the weather sucks so you can't go skating, no new stuff comes out, its pretty easy to get depressed in January!
You guys need to be looking past it, you can still be skating in car parks - getting your flat ground on lock, organising trips to indoor places. Just think from now on the days are getting longer and longer, and spring will be coming round pretty soon! SFTW is coming in March and we'll be announcing a bunch of cool stuff soon, but in the mean time here is some awesome skateboarding to keep you inspired!
Oh and we'll have the new Thrasher which comes with an awesome free DVD very very soon, it has full parts from all the Converse team!

SK8MAFIA always kill it, they have some sick new graphics too, including a Ron Burgandy deck!

Bryan Botelho:

Aaron Collier

Jon Choi geek steez!

Here is a trailer for an independent vid, looks sick!

Ricardo Paterno

Here is a recent Famous demo from when they were on tour with Blink 182!

And here is a classic part from Tom Penny from an old Etnies video, Tom absolutely killed it in those days! Everything he did was massive at the time.

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