Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year! same slackness! - Romsey Park!

I just realised I have been slacking on the blog updates again! I don't know how many times I need to say you should follow us on Facebook and Twitter too but if you haven't been having a fill of news then here you go:

First of all the biggest bit of news is the possibility of Romsey indoor skatepark, while this isn't currently anything to do with Reskue as I have added a lot of people to the skatepark page a lot of you have been asking questions about it! If you actually read the Facebook page you will know just as much as me!

Basically Gravity, a ramp company based in Romsey who Marc Churchill designs for, are trying to get the biggest indoor park in the country built in Romsey, already even with that tiny peice of information people started complaining that it wasn't in central Southampton! One of the main reasons we have never had an indoor skatepark in the central south coast is that it is really really expensive to get a warehouse and get insurance, so having it outside of the city brings down the cost straight away, a twenty minute drive/train/bus is a hell of a lot better than a three hour travel to anywhere else so stop complaining!

Gravity are hoping that different district councils will club together to provide the neccasary funding for the park, which they believe will cost £1.4 million, while this isn't confirmed they have support from a lot of districts and as Gravity is based in Romsey there is the possibility it could get built quite quickly, however when I say quickly I mean months rather than years, anything to do with councils takes time, thats just the way it is!

The best way you can help out and hopefully get the park built is to add yourself to the Facebook group, e mail Gravity or councils pledging support for the project, basically anything to raise awareness to the need of an indoor park!

There is already some negativity on the page about designs, location etc which is ridiculous! The design is just one idea, and there will be loads of space for loads of different aspects of skatepark design, if there is something you do want in there then let them know, but rather say what you DO want rather than what you DON'T! Positivity is key here!

I personally think a foam pit is pretty pointless as only BMXers really use them and it takes up a lot of space which could be used for better things, however with the potential size of the place i'm not gonna complain too much as most of the things I would look for and would therefore want to be positively telling them about are already in the design! indoor concrete with pool coping! A vert ramp! But as I said if there is something you want then LET THEM KNOW!

People have also been asking some pretty stupid questions, such as is it going to be free?! obviously its not, as I said it costs a hell of a lot for places like this and thats the only reason it hasn't been done before! So please don't be naive enough to complain about paying! You wouldn't complain about paying to go to a gig, nightclub or cinema so don't complain, and you wouldn't expect to get in cheaper just because you are from the area, we are all gonna be really lucky if this gos ahead so compalaining about paying is stupid!

People are also just asking when this will be done, its impossible to say and would be pointless to estimate as it could easily change.

This really could be amazing so add people to the group! I have already added 400+ people so you should be able to do the same! The more people that show support the better! Leave a comment on the page showing your support for the project and hopefully we'll all be meeting up for an opening jam in the future!


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