Saturday, 16 January 2010

Simpel Sessions - small seeds!

I posted up about the Simpel Sessions last year because they had a live stream of the contest, Simpel is basically a comp over in Estonia (its next to Russia)which is mainly focussed on BMX but has a bunch of skating in there too, my buddy Mike Netley who runs Case BMX mag was going to be going to take photos and generally have a laugh as its pretty well known for the after parties as well as the actual contest!

Mike invited me along but I figured if I was going i'd want to skate the course cos it looks sick! I e-mailed the organisers asking if some of the shop team can enter, when they finally got back to me they said it was cool, and Reskue fam Darren and Paget wanted to come too so we booked it up! Then Ranny who recently shot Jak Tonges First Light for Sidewalk mag wanted to come to get photos and 6:57s Adam Keys wanted to as well, so it now looks like there is a whole crew going over!

Hopefully there will be a live stream of the contest again and you can watch Paget in his first major comp! We recently hooked Joe up with a Zoo York and Thunder flow so he is gonna be out there repping them and Reskue!

In the last few days it has been announced that Johnny Layton, Tom Penny and Javier Sarmiento are gonna be there, as well as Ben Grove, Wainwright and Ryan Sheckler! Its a pretty big contest for a few Southampton kids to go to, but we wanted to escape the miserable weather here and skate a rad park!

Check out the Simpel website HERE! And wish us luck!

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