Monday, 28 December 2009

Mike Mo

Fuel TV is a channel in America which has a bunch of "Extreme" sports on, these normally suck but they seem to actually do a pretty good job with some of the skate stuff, here is a show they did recently focussing on Mike Mo.
Its pretty much impossible not to like Mike Mo, the guy seems really humble and genuinely loves skateboarding, and his part in Fully Flared was ridiculous! Skatelab the park he skates in this video is out in the valley near LA, I went there a few years ago and a couple of dudes were just matching tricks for ages over the hip, they were two of the best skaters I had ever seen, but I had no idea who they were, looking back it was probably Mike Mo! I just sat down and watched them, which considering I was there to skate was a pretty big deal.
Its pretty scary seeing his brother in recovery from cancer, but rad that he is still about, he is pretty much Mikes personal filmer and like he says he pretty much owes everything to him, so thanks Vince!

The third part seems to be a bit sketchy on playing so you may have to click the link, its a hard life innit!


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