Monday, 21 December 2009

No news is good news vol 3?

So I noticed today that the daily updated blog hasn't been updated for ages! As usual that is simply because of how busy I have been! And if you still aren't friends with us on Facebook or Twitter then get on it! You will get updates as soon as they happen!
Here is whats been happening at Reskue:

First of all the premier for 6:57! It was bangin! Thanks so much to everyone that came down, I was so proud of our skateboard scene afterwards!

We got a whole bunch of new bearings from Spitfire and Bones, the two best bearing manufacturers no matter what anyone else tells you! We have also got in some Spitfire cheapshots, which are exactly the same as regular Spitfires but without a pro and with a basic one colour graphic meaning they are a fiver cheaper, seeing as most people skate their wheels inside out anyway these bad boys have been pretty popular!

We also got our first load of Fallen footwear, including the stupidly comfortable and skateable Forte in two different colours, the Chris Cole pro shoe and the ever popular Chief, including kids sizes from a UK1!

We got some rad Zero and Mystery completes which are going out at just £80! A bargain considering Zero decks are normally £55 and Zero Wheels are £30!

The 6:57 DVD came in on Friday and we have already sold loads of them! If you have any interest in skateboarding in Southampton at all then you should definitely got yourself a copy!

We got some sick new clothing from Deluxe including Spitfire, Anti Hero and Krooked tees, the Spitfire glow in the dark tee is rad! They will be online tomorrow, because I have just been getting all our new Vans stuff online! New Jlay flannels and an AVE jacket, and the Geo stitch hood in Cement, the last ones sold out real quick so if you like the look of them get on it!

Oh and we also have the new Creature Hesh Law DVD too! there are two versions of it, but the two disk one comes with all the old Creature vids too so is probably worth the few extra quid.

If you are wondering about Christmas posting times then tomorrow is the last safe day, anything sent Wednesday may arrive but is not Guaranteed!

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