Monday, 7 December 2009

Tampa AM and Tate Mode

So yesterday I worked the shop all dasy, then watched Tampa AM live stream for four hours, then skated for a few hours too. Tampa AM is so inspiring, Luan, Ben Hatchell and a bunch of other dudes were absolutely killing it, one guy was doing 5.0 tre flip out in his run! Stupid stuff! Anyway there doesn't seem to be any videos of it up yet but here is a video of some of the qualifiers:

I'll post up the finals for you tomorrow.
Then here is some footage of the Tate Mode after getting psyched on Tampa AM

Bangin! Hopefully we'll have some more footage of the Hoglands ledges, if it ever stops raining!

We also got a bunch of new Nike SBs today too, have new stuff from Zero, Mystery ans Slave coming this week, and our first ever batch of Fallen shoes arriving too! Exciting times!

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