Thursday, 3 December 2009

6:57 is coming!

Rob Crawfords highly anticipated DVD is now finished and copies are being made right now! I believe there is going to be a premier at Little Johnny Russels in Southsea Thursday 10th Dec, I'll post up a link to the facebook event when its up.
In the run up to the release the DVD is now available to pre order, so if you want to ensure the DVD gets sent out as soon as its in then get on it! We will also have the Zero and Slave DVDs around the same time too!
Here are the two trailers:

I have had a sneak preview of some of the footage and to say its bangin is an understatement! A whole bunch of spots get rinsed. Independent videos don't come along every day, and I can count the amount of professional quality videos to come out of Southampton on less than one hand, so support 6:57! I think you'll be surprised just how good everyones sections are!

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