Saturday, 6 February 2010

Simpel Sessions day 2, or 1 or something.

So at the end of the blog yesterday we were heading back to have a session with the Vans Europe team, it was rad seeing Pfanner, Wainwright and Vile skating, along with Madders Apse who is sick and Phil Zwijsen who did nollie nosebluntslides so so fast it looked awesome, I didn't even realise it but Hold Tight Henry was there and filmed a special Kingpin ten tricks:

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Pfanners Half Cab the wrong way over the rail was amazing!

When we got there today we were all pretty tired and Joe seemed pretty nervous about his run, being first he didn't know what level everyone would be, I don't know if thats good or bad, he landed a few tricks though, including a smith on the rainbow rail and a frontside 360 shuv over the hip.
I was up next, unfortunately about five minutes before the comp started I fell pretty hard doing a boardslide of all things! I had a big swellbow and managed to burn a load of skin off on the floor, I had to pick some skin off the inside of my tee shirt, and when Hugo liard started his run off doing a big mosher tail drop into the quarter I wasn't really feeling it, and after I failed at my first trick which I had been landing a few minutes before I was a bit gutted and I couldn't really be bothered.
Darren was the next person up and we had been joking for weeks that he should start his run off with a boneless, I think due to nerves the board managed to slip out of his hand and he bailed it, but I think this just relaxed him more and he ended up cruising a few tricks, the old back board down the big rail and a couple of fifty fifties.
After seeing the results for the skating the judging seemed a little sketchy, Joe only got 5 points more than me and I didn't land anything! Other people didn't land anything at all and managed to get 160+ points too, obviously based on their sponsors, and an Estonian kid landed one 5.0 and got 190 points! But its all just meant to be a bit of fun and none of us expected to qualify anyway.
The general standard was pretty low at this point and I think it boosted Adams confidence, he started his run with a solid hardflip over the hip, stomping a 360 flip tailgrab over the driveway and sticking in a few tranny tricks too.
That was it for our crew, all the rad skaters seemed to come after us, Kris Vile had a pretty sick run including a switch bigspin down the big euro gap, a bs 360 kickflip over the hip and a bluntslide down the hubba. One of my favourite new skaters Chris Pfanner landed everything for the first two minutes of his run, including a smith down the rail a backside ollie down the stairs and a flip melon over the driveway, other notables included Adrien Bulard who did a ridiculously steezy tre flip down the stairs first try, and Eero Antilla who landed a whole bunch of stuff and Fabian Verhaugue who cruised through back smiths, back lips and clearence feebles on the big driveway. Also props to Ben Grove who puked up halfway through his run and still carried on skating and frontboarded the big rail, it kinda sucked that Tom Penny and Sheckler both didn't skate even though they were there, maybe they will skate tomorrow, J lay kept saying he was hungover but still managed to switch tre up the euro easy as pie.
Hold Tight Henry also already has an edit out of the first day:

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There was a hell of a lot of bailing in the qualifiers, but looking at this edit there was a hell of a lot of rad skating happening too, and i'm looking forward to tomorrow now, thats if I can still stand up properly for a whole day! I have just come back from watching all the BMX too which was all ridiculous, it was really obvious that the course was just made for them really.
Ranny got a whole bunch of sick photos today and hopefully there should be a whole bunch more tomorrow, I have load of photos for the blog too, which I might try and upload tomorrow, but to be honest I hate laptops, everything takes forever!
Thats it for now.

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