Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Simpel Sessions finals day mega blog!

Sorry it has taken till today to get this up, we were all pretty much beyond tired yesterday! The finals day at Simpel was ridiculous and its all pretty blurred but i'll try and give you a good run down:
All the euros really came up at this comp, Nike SBs Tim Zom was killing it, Maxim Habenec who is on Adidas had the nicest tres of the contest and Eniz Fazliov who is on Alien Workshop cruised like only a Workshop rider could, like a euro Dylan Rieder nosegrinding copingless quarters! Biggest come up was definitely Adrien Bulard however, who hardly practised at all and pretty much lands everything! He qualified in the top three so didn't have to enter the semi finals and went straight to the finals. Kris Vile strolled onto the course holding a danish pastry twenty minutes after he was meant to skate, they let him take his run at the end and he just cruised through all his tricks landing everything, Vile is seriously good at skateboarding!
Here is Hold Tight Henrys footage from the Semis:

The finals were kinda strange, the runs were really short and basically if you messed up a trick it seemed there wasn't much time to recover, and most people seemed to mess up a trick or two, it turned out that each person had two runs however and Adrien Bulards second run was nothing short of amazing, he landed everything, including a tre down the stairs, the most hustled 360 shove over the driveway, a nollie heel over the driveway and a nollie front foot flip over the hip, all in one run! Americans seem to be hating on his Hustled foot on tres and shoves but they used to hate on Tom Pennys steez before he showed them all whats up, Adrien Bulard is amazing plain and simple! Tony Panici was some dude I hadn't heard of but he was pretty sick, doing clearance to nosegrind down the apex rail, Maxim could have done really well but unfortunately messed up a few tricks including 270 over the hip which i'm sure he landed evey time in practise, anyway here is the footage of the finals:

After the finals it went pretty much straight into a best trick contest, Johnny Layton came on and tried to switch tre the stairs, while Bulard tried a few times for nollie late flips as Tim Zom flip front boarded the rail, feeble to back smithed the rail and flip back lipped it! Some dude was getting really close to nollie back heel and Grove made the signature shirt off backside flip which kept slipping away on the ice like floor.
Overall the contest was amazing and i'm really glad we all went even if none of us did very well, Joe and Darren were definitely inspired by some of the skating they saw and hopefully we'll get a bunch of rad footage as I know they are both pretty amped to get some stuff done.

Here is some other footage from freecaster:

3rd place Sami Mietinen, he had to skate AFTER Adriens flawless run, so was pretty pressured, still ripped though!

2nd place Tim Zom, This guy killed it too, seemed a bit moody but was happy enough after his runs!

1st place Adrien Bulard, the second run is an absolute pisstake!

Final and Best Trick highlights:

EDIT: Here is another video from Hold Tight Henry of some extra footage and the best trick, this is probably the best footage of the comp, Eniz Fazliov absolutely kills it, the clearance backnoseblunt is ridiculous!

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Here are a bunch of photos from my blog cam:

Just before we left.

We had to wait for 6 hrs for the plane.

Sleep deprived Tate mode

Tallin is Nice!

The contest seemed like a pretty big deal out there.
Paget liked the snow!
So did Tate mode
Snowball fights were pretty inevitable!
And Paget gets inevitably owned!
But so did Tate Mode!
Here is when we first arrived at the stadium.
the course wasn't properly finished yet!
Paget looking excited to get a skate in.
we all had to stand on this green screen thing for a video intro.
A view from the riders area.
I didn't really want this extra elbow
Or to burn loads of skin off on the floor
Darren Tate is metal before breakfast
Here is the camera section
Some dude, sick frontside 270 kickflip.
Hugo Liard, Ben Grove and Chris Astrom
Fabien Verhague checking out Tate Modes ass
A Tailslide on the ledge, look at the dude stood nearby and you'll notice its thigh high!
Tate mode decided to learn bs 270 flips!
Some dude front board on the rail.
Ben Grove backside flip.
Pfanner warming up
Our little crew.
Sheckler chilling, he doesn't like gherkins in his Mcdonalds.
Adrien Bulard.
You would think this photo was pretty whack, until I tell you this is a catch of a nollie front foot flip.
The Stadium.
The Crew.

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