Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Stepping it up

Just a couple of days after I say that the games of SKATE are getting a bit stale here come Louie Lopez and Kevin Romar with a game down a set of stairs, Louies pop shuv and Kevins switch 360 were the sickest tricks I think. Maybe they have read the blog and decided to step it up a bit, or maybe not. Either way Louie is sick and i'll say it again if you haven't read this by now: THE FLIP VIDEO IS GONNA BE AMAZING!

If you need more proof of how amazing the FLIP team are check out Luans winning run from Tampa am, some of those tricks i have never seen anyone do, and he does them in a run, at a contest, ridiculous! So imagine what he can do with a bit of time!

I can imagine when he messed up the Hardflip, thinking "Darn, I might as well do a switch bigspin heel revert, oh I did it, might as well do a nollie bigspin heel revert too, this ledge is on the way back to it tho, so might as well do a nollie nosegrind." Obviously he didn't but the ability is just stupid.

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