Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Davis Torgerson

I dunno if I posted anything about this before, me and Paget (and Rob Crawford but he is rooted firmly in Winch) seem to be the only ones that notice ridiculously good ams coming up, Davis is actually ridiculous, his ender on this video part is an NBD of the highest calibre, and it is just confirming what I have been saying, the Real vid will be amazing. Check out DLXSF for the Manifest from Real, which is interviews and photos from the entire team and gives a bit of insight to the skaters themselves, because they are actually people, and not video game characters!

And if you have seen a video on the web of someone you think me or Joe Paget haven't seen then e mail the link to Andy@Reskue.co.uk - no freestyle or fat dudes hurting themselves though please!

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