Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Enjoi!

The first of our new spring stuff has arrived, new tees and hoods from Enjoi, as well as a couple of cool blind tees too, they are uploading onto the site right now, go and have a click on the Enjoi logo on the front page to see all we have from the Enjoi camp.

The half price sale is ending very soon this will be the last weekend, and we are getting pretty low on a lot of sizes (thats the idea!) all the new season stuff will be in soon so pick up one of the bargains while you still can! we should have new Duffs tomorrow including the highly anticipated Louie shoe!

Matt and Ranny who are regular Reskue lurkers are playing a gig at Hamptons tonight with their band DRAWINGS, so if you're about come check them out! Then Secret Wars is back at Soul Cellar - so not only do I sell you skateboards but I can plan your evening out too! Its all part of the service at Reskue.

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