Friday, 13 March 2009

Daewon and Workshop.

This is another level really, tricks that are stupidly good anyway, done in socks!

Also we should have some sale City and Santa Cruz decks in today, restock on the ever popular Harmony, Karma and Motive decks AND the Alien Workshop video Mindfield.

You may have noticed I haven't said much about the Workshop vid, mainly because the post I would normally make saying "buy this vid its amazing" didn't even get a chance to go up, we sold out of our first load in 3 hours!

The video is amazing though, Jason Dill has some sick stuff, Jake Johnson is definately a new favourite of mine, Heaths bangers are ridiculous, AVE absolutely kills hit with his switch/gnar crossover steez - basically you need to buy it!
The DVD costs £20, but this isn't shops cashing in, we don't make much money on it at all and you get a 60 page book included in the price.
Less and less people are buying skate DVDs as you can watch them on youtube or whatever, but this doesn't support the companies and will just keep pushing the prices up as less and less copies get made it will be more and more expensive, so show some support for the companies that are pushing the boundaries of skating.
2 of the Reskue team riders, who would normally get a rider discount, paid full price for the vid because they know how good it is and want to support both the shop and Alien Workshop, and I was pretty stoked with how many people got the Fallen vid, it showed me there was some honest skaters out there, so do skateboarding a favour and buy yourself a legitimate copy!

Oh and one other thing for the people that keep asking abouth the Reskue vid, I am half way through finishing Gregs footage, he ended up giving me 15hrs of tapes, and there is some seriously good stuff on there so editing it down is no easy task! The Reskue vid will only be £6 so you have no excuse not to get it!

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