Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Days...

... was a pretty sick TV show, apart from the fact Fonzie was a single man who rented a flat above a family, and hung out with a bunch of kids younger than him, and tried to pimp on young girls, maybe he isn't so cool? Anyway, it is happy days in Southampton at the moment, 20 teams have now signed up for SFTW, and this years is gonna be the best yet! We have prizes from a bunch of rad companies and i'm seriously pleased with the amount of people that have entered! also repping our scene is the most recent Sidewalk, which if you haven't already you should definitely pick up, there is a 6:57 Silverscreen with four pages of south coast shredding, including two photos of steez master Jak Tonge and Pagets first two photos in a magazine, Bangin! Congratulations chaps!
I couldn't be more pleased for Rob, 6:57 has been really well received and people are starting to notice our scene, Rob is currently over in Australia, where he has managed to catch a few demos of Girl/Chocolate skaters, and was at a park when Grant Taylor and Lance Mountain turned up!

I'm pretty sure this is in Oz, all I do know is every single trick that Sean Malto and Cory Kennedy do would be 99.9% of skaters best trick ever, and they casually cruise through them at demos!
If this type of skateboarding is a bit tech for you here is some of the Vans team skating a mini ramp in Croatia:

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