Thursday, 11 March 2010

Omar Salazar is dope and the Sun... a skateboarders best friend, now that we have finally seen off February things are looking good for spring, I have been slacking on the blog as usual but FACEBOOK fans know whats up! Something For The Weekend is looking good, we have 13 teams so far and 5Boro have just said they are gonna hook us up with some prizes too!

We have a mega sale on this weekend, a bunch of stuff is gonna be up to half price, but this weekend ONLY! So get on it!

The next weekend after that (Sat 20th) sees the release of the much anticipated Nike SB Omar Salazar shoe! He has a mini site up explaining the shoes technology and there is a vid of him ripping as always. I have been a fan of Omar Salazar for years, since his first video part with a Slayer song on Nervous Breakdown, anyone? The pro shoe is well deserved and they look sick so head down a week on Saturday if you want a pair!
Here are a few clips to get you pumped:
I always liked the timing of the music to the two backlips in Omars bit (it doesn't start til 2 minutes in)

Youtube are Nazis and took the audio of his First Love part but here it is:
kish kish whoah, kish kish woah!

One half of the Omar part from AWS Mindfield:

Omar kills it, straight up!

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