Monday, 1 March 2010


I have been slacking on the blog again, but you need to get with the times and become a fan of our FACEBOOK! It gets updated everyday so you can get your fill of news from Reskue.

It was on Facebook in fact that I discovered the news that Guru, one half of the legendary rap group Gangstarr, has unfortunately had a heart attack and is currently in a coma.

Guru was always one of my favourite rappers, despite the groups name they often focussed on more pressing issues than just trying to be gangster, and a lot of his rhymes are really well thought out and flow through DJ premiers beats with a relaxed but meaningful conviction meaning you pretty much know the lyrics after one listen.
Guru along with Premier can also be credited with the idea of mixing Hip Hop with Jazz and bringing the music to a much wider audience.
I'm obviously not the only skater who is a fan as a whole bunch of video parts have featured Gangstarr tracks, here are a few of them:

This is from way back in 98, Kenny Hughes suits the music perfectly, and has one of the smoothest switch crooks on a handrail ever.

Here is another video from around the same era, Steve Olson, the quickly forgotten hippy of the OG Shortys era:

Here is Ryan Gee in Chomp On This, if you have no idea about Chomp it was basically a video that had sections from all the well known photographers and videographers of the time, as well as a bunch of appearences by top pros, hence why you might think this section sucks! Chomp was really really popular at the time and a bunch of people had the Pac Man drawn on their grip!

Here is probably my favourite use of a Gangstarr tune, Josh Kalis in the DC video, sick skater, sick song, bangin!

Here are some pretty underated guys from an IPath promo:

Here is a trailer for Static 3, the eagle eared among you will notice that this isn't Guru rapping but is Jeru, this was on a Gangstarr track which had a whole bunch of other rappers on, which obviously wouldn't have happened without Guru, he is really well respected by basically everyone in the Hip Hop industry, and the skateboard industry too, lets just hope he gets well soon.

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