Friday, 26 December 2008

Sale Time!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and got loads of cool presents!
Our mega sale began today instore, and is starting to go online, all sale Hats, Decks and Shoes are now up, with the Clothing bargains going up tomorrow, if you don't want to miss the bargains then come instore!

New eras for a £10
Loads of shoes on sale, from £16
US pro decks from £35!
ALL our Altamont, Diamond, Indy tees are heavily reduced (25% or more!)
ALL Reskue brand clothing is HALF PRICE!
ALL the clothing is reduced between 10-70%
All our jeans are reduced too!

A few people have asked about the video too, saying they are looking forward to it, its kinda hard to tell if something is good when you have been working on it for ages, but i'm stoked on the skating from all the guys, and it is on its way!

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