Saturday, 6 December 2008


In the Reskue blog tradition here is a link that in no way encourages you to buy anything in store! Kewday is an Australian company and their new promo is well worth a look, I had seen some footage of Joe Pease before on a tour vid, everyone was skating stairs and he seemed a bit weak in comparison to be honest as he didn't have much footage, but its clear that stairs and gaps aren't his natural terrain and twangy rails and ledges are, as he kills it on this vid! Andrew Currie is awesome, his boneless is sick! Take a look HERE.
Chad Bartie rides for Globe and we sell those!
Oh and we do have some Chrstmas offers actually! The Harmony DVD is only £3 with any purchase over £10, and any Reskue brand clothing is HALF PRICE with any purchase over £15!
and you can combine the two, so you could for example get a Harmony Deck, DVD and Reskue zip for just £59.23! The deals are currently instore only.
If you are reading this after looking at the ad in Sidewalk then hi, check back everyday for new links and vids! Bookmark us!

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